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Holiday envy is treatable

Stuck at your desk eating a sad supermarket’s lunch deal makes you really miserable?

Surrounded by empty desks of colleagues enjoying their European summer holidays?

How would you deal with holiday envy?

Berkeley is planning to take you on a gastronomic tour around Italy.

Let’s go and meet the “Salumiere”, the salami maker.

Thin sliced dry cured pork with a rustic pugliese bread. It’s a heaven combination.

Let’s grab a panini and let’s jump on the next train to…


Ready to experience one of the most fascinating social gathering?

Olive harvest.
Let’s pick the most peppery and greenest olives. Once pressed, they give the juiciest extra virgin oil that you’ve ever tasted.

Let’s move on to the next and most desired stop.


The land of gastronomic wonders.

Sorrento is our first stop.

Among the local typical products, this southern coast boasts delicious and sweet tomatoes.
Let’s grab and exquisite tomato salad tossed with only basil and olive oil. Delicious.

Cheese lovers, we didn’t forget about you.

This region is the homeland of the Italy’s signature food product: mozzarella cheese.

1 hour of drive and we reached the destination: Cilento Coast.

Lose yourself in the mozzarella production at the “Caseificio”, which is the Italian cheese factory.
The process of mozzarella is made entirely by hands exclusively with Buffalo milk.
A truly unique experience where you can taste the real juiciness of the national Italian cheese.

Time to go home, holiday seeker.

I wanted to show you that you don’t need to leave your desk to taste the real Italian flavours.
Berkeley delivers happiness straight to your desk.

Our antipasto platter is our Italian signature dish.
Our wine pairing recommendation is the Madegrale, Pinot Grigio from Central Italy.

Enquire today at , to get a summery quote to treat your holiday envy.