Top 5 business lunches in London

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Lunch events have been a trendy option for businesses across the globe for years, and they’re not declining now. If anything, lunch events are one of the strongest options for businesses today.

In London’s corporate world people are buzzing around the city trying to meet tight schedules while balancing their social lives. Creating an event tailored to suit your guests is essential to ensuring a packed venue and successful pitch. That is why offering a quick and easy business lunch is only growing in popularity! Our expert chefs have selected their favourite dishes for your next lunch time event.

Freshly prepared and light salads

With the growing focus on healthy foods, it comes as no surprise that offering a colourful and flavour-rich salad is perfect for a lunch event. Salads can be hearty and filling while also being made of light ingredients that create a nice addition for a working lunch. As lunch dishes are offered in the middle of the day, light food options are favourable as they allow your guests to have a bite to eat before the rest of their working day.

Chefs at Berkeley Catering have over 20 years experience in creating innovative catering that offers tasty and fresh salads that all your guests can enjoy. One of our most popular salads is the Greek salad, bringing the exotic cuisine of Greece to your event. Styling together ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and fresh mint leaves paired with rich feta that is drizzled with olive oil lemon dressing. This beautiful dish offers the taste buds fresh flavours and aesthetically pleasing catering.

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Taste of Everything with Platters

Platters offer your guests a bite of a range of foods and cuisines to give them a wholesome dining experience. Spicy samosas, plentiful falafels or tasty red leicester paired with crunchy salads offer a great balanced dish for lunch.

Our chefs offer bespoke platters with a range of foods from our Indian platter taking your guests on a journey to New Delhi with succulent chicken tikka skewers and toasted pitta bread. Indian cuisine is one of Britain’s most loved foods, so why not give your guests the choice of crunchy poppadoms dipped in sweet mango chutney?

If your lunch needs to create a formal atmosphere, a cheese platter is an ideal luxury catering option for your event. With fresh red grapes and a range of several cheeses matched with easy drinking wines, your guests will be able to experience a classic food combination.

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Classic Sandwich Selections

There is a reason why this snack has been a British favourite for centuries – it’s just too easy and appetising. A sandwich selection is ideal for working lunches as they can pack different flavours and are a classic lunch food that many of your guests may well expect to be offered.

Spoil your guests with traditional fillings on light bread complemented with a fresh glass of juice or warm cup of tea. These recipes have been proven time and time again to provide enjoyable flavours for years. Including egg mayonnaise and ham fillings, this platter is perfect for a traditional working lunch.

If you’re wanting something new, our chefs also love to add modern twists to classic recipes. Inspire guests with French multigrain baguettes bursting with fillings from Western Europe. Choose from tuna nicoise salad, salmon rillettes, chicken salad with dijon mustard mayo and many more cultural tastes from France.

If your event is centred on a product abroad, you may even wish to theme your catering to a particular cuisine to create a strong atmosphere. Sandwich selections are an ideal way to achieve this as they include breads and fillings from across the world from American bagels to Italian ciabatta. Have a browse through our  to find our spins on this classic lunch food.

Sushi – A Taste from Japan

Sushi has gained vast popularity over recent years for its fresh tastes mixed with a salty soya sauce dip. With its aestically pleasing colours and presentation, it has become an Instagram favourate to photograph and share. If your event truly wants to show its exclusivity and modernity, sushi platters are a perfect alternative to common lunch menus.

Our chefs locally source ingredients wherever possible to master the art of sushi making. We offer fresh sashimi, nigiri and classic sushi rolls. Our range of sushi options allow your guests the opportunity to taste different Japanese foods. Keep your events on trend with the latest popular foods, such as sushi platters with a variety of fillings from crab meat to fresh vegetables.

Complement your event with smooth tuna nigiri and tataki that gives a splash of salty flavour balanced by steamed white rice. Create an oriental buffet of californian crab rolls, salmon sashimi, Boston shrimp roll, tuna avocado roll and futomaki vegetable rolls for everyone to taste bites of all the individual foods on offer. Browse our platters and individual pieces on our  for more on our options.

Sweet Dessert Pots

To complete a working lunch, a sweet treat is something we all look forward to and is important to offer your guests to give them a complete dining experience. There are a range of baked goods that you have to choose from as the ending piece for your event which can be intimidating. With years of experience catering events, our events team have found one dessert to be a fashionable pick for businesses. These popular treats are dessert pots.

Dessert pots come in all shapes, sizes and flavours which make them an ideal option for every event. Their versatility allows you to choose the best dessert pot that suits your main menu or you can offer a range of types giving your guests the freedom to choose a dessert they will truly enjoy.

To give a splash of fruity freshness, choose a citrus-based pot with exotic flavours to finish your palette. If your guests are chocolate fans, they will enjoy dessert pots filled with velvety cake sponges and smooth chocolate sauce.  

There is always a dessert for everyone to enjoy when it comes to these little treats! Take a look at our mouth-watering  to create the perfect catering for your next event.

If your wanting support on your next event or need to find out how to complement your working lunch, contact one of our experts today.

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