Catering solutions for outdoor events in London

Outdoor corporate events are back in fashion this time of the year, giving your guests a breath of fresh air in the booming and rare sunlight to build a positive energy around your venue. Outdoor events are popular for offering something a little different to business events: guests are not locked up in between concrete walls. Taking advantage of the sunny weather for your next corporate event is a guaranteed way to impacting your guests.

To help you decide what catering would be best for your next outdoor event, our chefs at Berkeley have picked out the best catering solutions for you!

Canapés: pots of scrumptious foods

Our innovative canapés are presented with beautiful designs and are complemented by our luxury cutlery. Our chefs create fresh and tasty foods that range in cuisine to offer your guests flavoursome tastes from around the world. From crisp salads paired with smoked fish to marinated artichoke hearts, these pots of deliciousness give your guests options to try whatever tickles their taste buds.

Canapés are also an easier catering option for outdoor corporate events where guests will be walking around an open area and want to enjoy the activities taking place. You can choose pots that represent the event well and help to create the desired atmosphere due to the flexibility offered. If you’re looking to develop a luxury feeling of exclusivity, foods can be served by our event management team on black cutlery complemented with easy drinking wines. Alternatively, if you want to create a relaxing and friendly environment, Berkeley can arrange catering to be presented in a buffet style where guests are encouraged to network amongst each other. Whatever your requirements, an experienced events management team can support you in impacting your guests.   

With an outdoor event, light refreshments are always essential during the summer heat. Alongside the canapés, freshly squeezed juices will wash down the delightful treats. Give your event a unique edge with  bespoke outdoor catering solutions and choose which canapés you want at your next corporate event from our canapés menu.

Lunch Boxes made luxury

One of the challenges of outdoor events is the aftermath. Dishes upon dishes needing to be appropriately gathered to clean up your outdoor venue. A solution would be to choose lunch boxes. Often used to provide compact catering solutions that are easily disposable, lunch boxes are ideal to host a time efficient event. Our team have created the perfect solution by using luxury, disposable lunch boxes tailored to give your guests an easy way to carry their food while enjoying your event.

These beautiful black boxes have been sectioned to offer different types of food that complement each other. With mains, sides and desserts all presented in a lunch box that functions as a tray for your guests convenience.

Choose a fish lunch box offering poached salmon with creamy potatoes drizzled in a chive mayonnaise. Alongside this main, a selection of open sandwiches topped with fresh fish and goats cheese quiche. Complete your pallet with Berkeley’s exclusive chocolate brownie with velvety mousse and fresh exotic fruits. We also have a meat option available for guests to enjoy a healthy grilled chicken breast alongside delicious penne pasta wrapped in pesto, chine, and parmesan. Paired with this is a light asparagus, cherry tomato, avocado and rocket salad coated with flavor-rich house dressing. Finish the meal with a rich strawberry cheese cake and fresh exotic fruit to cleanse the pallet.

For vegetarians, enjoy honey roasted sweet potatoes and almonds paired with sundried tomatos, pomegranate, pearl couscous, and fresh herbs. Snack on cherry tomato, bocconcini and basil skewer with a pesto dip. To finish the dish, enjoy a mini dessert pot with refreshing sliced fruit and passion fruit coulis.

There is something for everyone to indulge in when it comes to lunch box menus.

Finger Menus: convenient catering

Ever wondered why this catering solution is called finger menus? It’s because they let your guests pick and grab from a selection of bite-sized finger foods. Presented to catch the eye, our alluring finger menus are an ideal solution for your next corporate meeting or outdoor event.

Serving bites of different cuisines, these fresh and innovative foods can create a relaxed environment helping you present the information needed to guests effectively. Presented on our black platters, these aesthetically pleasing foods are perfect for cooperate events.>

Choose from favorites, such as  juicy szechuan chicken skewers, spicy Jamaican beef patties, chili mango bread to fresh classics including crumbed prawns, freshly smoked salmon pinwheel, colorful vegetable quiche and more flavoursome finger foods. The benefit of finger foods is you can offer guests with various food preferences the choice to eat what they truly enjoy.

Finger foods are great for bespoke catering services as you can choose from what foods are presented. Inspire your guests imagination with a taste of cuisines from around the world by creating different buffet tables with grouped finger foods. Discover finger foods ideal for your next cooperate event today.

London Catering Delivered

Berkeley Catering are leading caterers in London who provide catering, staff and equipment delivered to venues across the city for corporate events and private functions. As a respected caterer in london, we always thrive to achieve above and beyond client expectations.

We also offer a range of alternative menus for those with special dietary requirements. These menus contain items on a weekly rotation, if you’re wanting to find out allergin information please contact a member of our team.